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Ever feel like you have Entrepreneurial ADD? As business owners, we find ourselves buried in more paperwork and “to do” lists than we can handle. It can cause us to spin our wheels, being forever busy, yet not productive. However, that does not have to be the case! Request your FREE copy of Amazon’s new #1 Best-Seller: “Harness Your Entrepreneurial ADD: How to Move From Distraction to Action in the Age of Information Overload to Supercharge Your Profits,” by Elisa Magill, MBA, Ph.D., as she shares stores of successful business owners and uncovers a formula to help you change your own perceptions, mindset, and belief systems… setting a strong foundation for you to be your own best leader!  

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  • Move from Distraction-to-Action: Double, triple, and 10X your profits  
  • Eliminate overwhelm and burnout  
  • Turn Entrepreneurial ADD into your new superpower! 
  • Develop new perceptions and belief systems  
  • Discover new possibilities and entrepreneurial out-of-the-box thinking  
  • Understand how to fuel your energy and live your purpose  
  • Live life by design! Not default. Finding more time for YOU!  

Dr. Magill has spent decades studying the brain and individual differences. Her expertise is in business psychology, emotional intelligence, and resiliency. However, she has a natural writing style and is able to easily translate complex scientific theory into everyday language using stories, analogies, real-life examples, and humor to keep the reader engaged! Science has never been so much fun!  

“How will this book help me in my business” you may ask?  

  • According to Forbes, 90% of start-ups fail. Learn the secrets the top 10% practice that make the difference between success and failure.  
  • Ever wonder, “Is this ever going to work?” Grab tips on how to recognize your superpower to become less busy and more productive (sooner than later).  
  • Ever experience writer’s block? Speaker’s jitters? Network-avoidant? Finally accept your own personal style to rock your superpowers and BE YOU in all areas of your business! Enjoy what you do. Otherwise, why do it?

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The Envision This! Team  

PS - With this book, you can finally move from distraction to action, becoming more productive and less busy! How about decreasing time spent spinning your wheels and increase time freedom and profits!  

PPS – Find your superpower! Harness your Entrepreneurial ADD, and start to move those wheels forward today!

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